Lambs among wolves- sermon for 3 July 2016

Scripture Readings: Galatians 6.1-5

Luke 10.1-11

In the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

In the 1950s, a British Prime Minister told his people that ‘You’ve never had it so good’. There have been ups and downs for Britain since, but for a long time it has seemed that way to many people. We certainly have it better than many, if not most, people in the world. Most of us have enough to eat. Even in times of political crisis, society does not break down. The administration of government carries on. Pensions and benefits are still paid, there are neither terrorist nor soldiers on the streets, there is food in the shops and the lights haven’t gone off.

Perhaps, therefore, some of us on these islands have become a bit complacent. We have not worried overmuch about the rise of extreme nationalism and xenophobia, which has affected even relatively liberal European nations like Denmark and Holland. We were able to imagine that we Scots, tucked away in the far north west of Europe, would be immune to the pressures of the refugee crisis afflicting Europe’s Mediterranean borders. We have imagined that shopping and entertainment could create a new economy to replace jobs being swept away by automation and globalisation. Are we, perhaps, now waking up to face that fact that we are not immune to these, and other, shocks? Continue reading

Sunday Bulletin 3 July 2016

Sunday 10 July 2016: Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
10 am Morning Worship at St Stephen’s
11.15 am Morning Worship at the Old High
led by Alistair Younger, Retired Minister
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PASTORAL COVER The minister will be on holiday from 6 to 26 July inclusive. For any pastoral issues, please contact your elder or the following: 6 to 16 July Rev Alastair Younger; 17 to 26 July Rev Arthur Sinclair.
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SUMMER SONGS OF PRAISE a joyful evening worship service at the Old High on Sunday 21 August at 7pm. A chance to sing favourite hymns, and to meet our new Old High organist, Robin Versteeg, who will also treat us to some organ fireworks! Do you have an old (or new) favourite hymn you’d like us to sing on the evening? Contact our Church Administrator, Pat Macleod: invernesschurch<at>
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HEALING SERVICE in St Stephen’s on Sunday 10 July at 4pm to which all are welcome. (Contact Ruth Martin)
RETIRING OFFERINGS on 29 May and 26 June in aid of the Highland Hospice Project Build Appeal were £275. Sandy Cumming.
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THE LATE NINA WALLIS Doreen Polson, on behalf of the family, would like to thank most sincerely all those from the church who visited and cared for Nina. Their care and kindness was very much appreciated by Nina and the family.
INTERFAITH PICNIC Saturday 9 July, 12 noon, Nairn East beach near Lochloy Holiday Park. Details: Tom Mackenzie atmackenzie9<at>
HIGHLAND FOODBANK would like to thank Old High St Stephen’s church for the donations of food to Highland Foodbank which in total weighs 81.70kgs so far this year. We are grateful for your support. In the past financial year we have been able to help 3,245 people in Inverness and Nairn. Thank you for making the Highland Foodbank possible! Lorna Dempster adrienne.dempster<at>