Around the Table: a Communion sermon. Sunday 24 September 2017

Scripture Readings: Romans 12:1-8

Matthew 16:13-20

Around the Table

In the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.


In many ways, these last few weeks have been a time of new beginnings for me- and the weeks ahead are also going to be full of new beginnings. Today is another first- the first time I’ve led a Communion service here at St Stephen’s (I led the Communion at Old High last month).

After I had been off for a few months, I realised how much I was missing the Sacrament. So I was grateful to our Pastoral Assistant, Rev Arthur Sinclair, came to the Manse and led a Communion service there with me, my wife, Katharina, and our elder, Andy Pyott. Our living room coffee table became, for us, the Table of the Lord, and I was reminded that even if I couldn’t get to the building, I was still part of the Church.  Continue reading