Future Focus

Hard at work discussing 'Our Community'!

Hard at work discussing ‘Our Community’!

From time to time churches need to and think afresh about what it is that God wants them to be and to do.

Future Focus is a series of interactive workshops helping us to look at how we go forward as a congregation. We invite everyone- of all ages- to come and take part in Future Focus, as we try to map the future of our congregation. There is more about Future Focus on the Church of Scotland website.

Ian Hall

Ian Hall is leading us in this process, on behalf of the Church of Scotland’s Mission and Discipleship Council.

The first set of workshops, in November 2012, had the theme ‘Church: What’s it all about?’

The second workshop was about ‘Our Church’. You can read all about it here.

The third workshop was on Saturday 23 February, about ‘Our Community’. You can read all about it here.

The latest Future Focus event was the Vision Day on Saturday 23 February. It brought together the results of the previous workshops to try to chart a way forward for the future. 

The Vision Day built on the results of the previous workshops to do two things:

  • to think about how we would want to the Church to be in 5 years time (our vision for the future)
  • and then to identify actions we can take to begin to move us towards our vision

Read the results of the Vision Day here.

The next stage of Future Focus was a Kirk Session conference on Saturday 20 April.

Future Focus and the Session conference are now being analysed by a small group of elders, who will report back to the Kirk Session in June. They are also finalizing responses to Inverness Presbytery’s Local Church Review (a process by which the Presbytery makes 5-yearly visits to local congregations). More details about all this will appear here in due course.

As we progress on this journey, you can find out more in the blog posts under the category Future Focus .

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